Sunday, August 2

NYX Cosmetics

Okay,so, soon im going to be ordering some nyx cosmetics from the website (one of the cheapest places ive found that ship to the uk) and im looking to get some help from you guys!
there are SO many products on their website, and ofcourse i want pretty much all of them, but ive set myself a limit of $30 for my order, so heres where you lot come in, below im going to post a list of the items ive got my eyes on and i want you to tell me which colours etc you think i should get, any products you recommend or any products which youv had bad experiences with.

E/shadows- $3.50

(From L-R)

Deep bronze, Deep purple, Golden, Irises, Dark brown

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Lustre, Morrocco, Nude, Purple, Taupe

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Wildfire, Ocean

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NYX ultra pearl mania e/s $1.50

Jade, Space, Turquoise, Mocha

Cream blush $6.00

Natural, Glow


Powder blush $5.95

Peach, Spice


Round Lipsticks $1.90

Tea rose, Orange soda, Strawberry milk, Tahlia


Plus the jumbo shadow pencil in milk which is $3.00


  1. I just ordered a ton of NYX lipsticks from i think they're cheaper than your site?

    I'll be doing a review when they come in, they've only just been shipped though :/
    I got Strawberry milk + i would choose glow from the cream blushes

  2. Morocco, Golden, Wildfire, Natural, Spice, Strawberry Milk!