Saturday, August 8

Green absinthe fairy.. moulin rouge inspired look

So this is my entry to XcatherinesbombX's Moulin rouge themed contest.

The prizes up for grabs are seriously amazing! tons of mac aswell as 5 glamourdoll eyeshadows!

Basically i decided to do something a little bit different to some of the other entrys, and took my inspiration from the green absinthe fairy, although i think im going to enter a more classic look aswell. I'l post a list of products used aswell as some photos below. Enjoy!




-Natural collection eyeliner in White
-Primark liquid eyeliner
-2true eyeshadow dazzler in no. 5
-Dark green primark eyeliner
-Green face paint
-Sleek curious pallette (review soon)
-Sleek storm pallette
-Natural collection moisture shine lipstick in apple blossom
-Rimmel vinyl gloss in crystal clear
-Sleek ink pot in dominatrix
-Benefit badgal lash mascara
-Givenchy phenomen'eyes mascara
-Stargazer white UV glitter


  1. Wow - you're amazing at stage make up.

    What do you think of the Sleek ink pots?

  2. @ phoebe im actually really suprised at how well they go on, also they have really good staying power and pigmentation, infact theyre pretty hard to get off.
    the brush isnt amazing though so i think im going to get some kind of angled liner brush, similar to the one that benefit do

  3. I have the 'get bent' brush, sometimes its good and sometimes not lol!
    I suggest an precision one, where the bristles are in a thin line and slanted :)

    I just tagged you for an award :)

  4. well hopefully i should be getting the sigma complete brush set for my birthday in about a week *fingers crossed* and that has a liner brush in it, but il be doing a review of that once i get it, looks like such a good set though!

    thankyou, thats so kind!

  5. Are all the swirls done freehand?

  6. yeah, i just used white eyeliner pencil with a white shimmery eyeshadow lined over the top