Monday, September 28

I finally caved in..

and set up a twitter!

also! when i logged on today i saw that i had 50 followers! :D! this feels like some sort of milestone and so i may have a giveaway soon, is there anything in particular youd like to see in a giveaway? (baring in mind im not massively rich!)

Saturday, September 26


smokey / defined eye

smokey / defined eye

Products used (in order):
Mac paintpot in painterly
White eyeliner
Elf drama e/s quad (the white and dark grey)
Sleek curious palette (silver)
Sleek storm palette (matte black for eyeliner)

Brushes used (all sigma):
SS266 for e/liner
SS252 for all over shadow
SS219 for crease
SS224 to blend

Tuesday, September 22


Its a sad day! I opened my fave sleek palette (the original) this morning to find that 3 of the eyeshadows (the green, the olive-green and the pale yellow) are cracked and all over the place. Im particularly sad as the pale yellow was one of my absoloute faves and it's turned to dust :(

what happenedd?!

Monday, September 21

Long time, no post :(!

I just wanted to say sorry for not posting recently, the reason for this that its been my first 2 weeks at college and every things been a bit hectic! in fact iv already dropped one subject (oops!)
I just logged on for the first time in about a week today and saw that i have 45 followers! and while this may not seem a lot to some of you, I'm pretty damn proud!
So thankyou to each and everyone of my followers :)

Anyways, the other reason for this post was to tell you that I have my first proper day off tomorrow and so I should get a couple of posts done and that I'm also going have a go at another tutorial and was wondering has anyone got any requests ? :)!


Wednesday, September 2

My first tutorial!

This is my first tutorial so sorry if its crap! ;)

Quite a natural, slightly pinup style look with winged eyeliner and nude lips, also pretty much my everday foundation, concealer and blush routine :)

Products used:
-Lancome photogenic lumessence foundation in 01
-benefit boing concealer in 02
-jelly pong pong eye brightener
-Mac blush in sunbasque
-Collection 2000 mineral powder
-Mac paint pot in painterly
-rimmel london trio in orion
-Mac pigment in shimmertime
-Mac soft sparkle eye pencil in nightsky
-sleek storm palette-nivea lipbalm
-Barry m lip paint in 101

hope you all like :)!