Sunday, November 29

what happens when i get bored..

i got extreemeeellyy bored today, and decided to do some makeupppp :)

also iv been messing around with photoshop recently, im trying to get better at it in time for my next photography project, i want to do some sort of fashion, indie style portraits.. in these ive just used filters and darkening at the edges in order to create a vintage kind of feel :)

also, i now currently have red glitter alll over my house since that second photo.. oops!

heres a link to my deviant art if you want to see them bigger or more picturess..

Tuesday, November 10

CCO HAULL! andd smoke and mirrors holiday palette!

I was so unbelievably chuffed at what i was about to get, there were a couple of other things i wanted such as mutiny pigment and tahitian sand beauty powder, but i'l might get those at another time as im not sure id use them that much.. seriously though i was speechless when i got in there and saw how much mac they had, i bet the sales assistants thought i was mad watching me frantically rumage through the baskets!
The collective haull :)

MAC paintpot in "perky" - £3

MAC smoke and mirrors palette £29.95
Smoke and mirrors swatches in the same order as in the palette over painterly paintpot, perky on the far right

MAC hello kitty beauty powder in pretty baby £6.73

MAC 227 brush £8.30

Mac select spf 15 foundation in NW15 £7.90


Monday, November 9


just to kind of let you know whats going on atm :)

i have so much that i'm excited about!
im starting my new job tomorrow at a clothes shop, its taken a while to get everything sorted but i finally got my start date this weekend, and, although it means some very early starts (5.30am anyone?) the pay/perks are pretty good, so expect a few more haul posts in the future :) i know iv already started my wishlist. Also, i mentioned this in a post a while ago but, as im going to have money i think i'm probably going to start collecting and putting items into a competition prize, i have so many loyal followers and subscribers on here and on youtube you all deserve some sort of thanks! if you could comment below on what sort of things you'd like to see i'd reaally appreciate it.. i'l put up a more detailed post closer to the time i'm guessing :)

Im also starting a new fashion project in which im going to make dress and a pair of wings, im so looking forward to getting started iv been collecting tons of inspirational images; im mainly looking at the fall 08 runways as im really feeling the gothic vibe atm :) iv only done one sort of illustration so far, but it kind of gives an idea of what i want to create;

i got the MAC holiday eyes palette "smoke and mirrors" yesterday so expect a review, looks and swatches post within the next few days, can i just say though its extremeeelyy gorgeous, sometimes i find when i really look forward to buying things like this i can be dissapointed in the product when i finally get it.. this is not one of those timesss ;).

and lastlyyy, as treat tomorrow after work my mums taking me to a CCO (cosmetics company outlet) hello discounted MAC! :D

p.s. im on such a blogging buzz atm, so sorry for all the posts in the last few days!


Revlon colourstay liquid foundation in "buff"
Jellypongpong hawaiian puff bronzer
Mac pink swoon blush
Benefit moonbeam
Benefit lemonaid
Benefit boinggg concealer

Mac paint pot in "painterly"
Mac pigment in "shimmertime"
Sleek storm palette
Sleek gel liner in "dominatrix"
Rimmel sexy curves mascara

Barry m red lipstick


Sunday, November 8

Current beauty inspiration:

Audrey Kitching, shes pretty much a a self made model and ive been inspired by her makeup, outifts and ofcoursee her hair for yearss! :)

who are your current inspirations?


Saturday, November 7

What i do when im not blogging...

or making videos!
basically i just thought id let you see a bit of what i do outside of make up and blogging :)
i think its pretty obvious im a creative person, so itll come as no suprise to you that i'm an art student; i am currently study textiles, art and photography.. and here are a couple pieces of my work just so you can get to know me and what i do a little bit better :) Enjoy!

Drawings (skulls are for college project)


Thanks for lookinggg :)!


Monday, November 2

blog awarddd!

Thankyou so much to phoebe (Peluxe) for this awardd! :)

The rules of this award are:

To accept this award: Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So here are some of the blogs that i follow and lovee :) you should go check them out because theyre all awesomee girlsss!

okay soo not quite 15! but these are the ones that stand out to me :)

have a good day everyone!