Saturday, August 29

MAC, smashbox, topshop haul!

As a present for doing well in my exams, my mum took me to the staff shop at the airport, where there is a whole wall of discounted cosmetics: mac, ysl, clinique.. everything! Yes, i was literally in heaven!

So, here's what i bought:

-Mac royal assets Keepsake which contained:
-Mac lipglass in "glamoursun"
-Mac blush in "Sunbasque"
-Mac pigment sample in "Shimmertime"
- and Mac softsparkle pencil in "Nightsky"
This was the real bargain, it cost me £12.50 for the whole set !

-Mac solar bits in "Scatterrays" - £9
-Mac e/s in "Evening aura" - £8.50
-Smashbox cream eyeliner in "Image" - £4

From L-R:
Glamoursun, Shimmertime, Sunbasque, Evening aura, Scatterrays.
(the picture doesnt do justice to what a gorgeous colour scatterrays is!)

I also stopped off at selfridges earlier in the week and bought myself a mac paint pot in "painterly"

and this top from topshop

did any of you get any bargains recently?

also does any one know of the best way to apply the solar bits, as iv found they can be very messy, but such a beautiful colour!


  1. @carissa im so sorry but i pressed reject on your comment by accident!

    basically i dont really speak in my videos or do haul videos because i simply havent got enough confidence to! I actually dont like the sound of my voice on camera or a microphone, it sounds way too high pitched!
    But im trying to work on ignoring that and speaking anyways, so expect to hear my high pitched, northen voice in my videos soon maybe? just hearing that people want to hear me means so much! :)

  2. Awesome haul! I love the Topshop top.

    I recently order gladiator sandals on Shopbop for a steal.

  3. nice! i love my gladiator sandals, however they can lead to some pretty embarassing tan lines, I've currently got big white crosses on my feet!

  4. I'm not a fan of my voice either. I think I'm really deep and monotone! At first I felt so awkward that I hardly talk at all in my early videos. I'm still not very confident. If people only knew how many videos I film, but don't upload because I think they're too cheesy. :b It's so much fun though. I'm just praying that I'll get better at it(soon). BTW I love you background! so chic!

  5. amazing haul! you got alot of fabulous items!!