Sunday, December 6

im seriously considering

jacking this all in, iv had so much neg feed back on youtube atm that i jus feel like why bother.. i only make videos to help people, its of no personal gain to me, yet everytime i log onto youtube recently i find messages off people criticising me and its not even constructive, its just hurtful. i just dont see why people feel the need to tell me stuff like this, and while i find it very difficult not replying and saying things back i know it wouldnt make me feel better and it would just take me down to their level. Ugh it makess ya feel kinda crappy.
so anyways i'm thinking of stopping youtube for a while, it takes guts to put videos up and this has completely knocked my confidence.
rant overrrr, il carry on with blogging as much as i can, this weeks pretty busy though - so many deadlines! cant wait to be off for christmass :)