Friday, November 19

just to let everyone know..

i have a couple of things for sale on my etsy :) both prints and original artworks, id really appreciate if you all had a look.

Tuesday, September 21

eyebrow tutoriall


Products used:
- primark brow gel
- lancome brow pencil in golden brown
- benefit eyeshadow in moody
- MAC fix plus spray

Please feel free to email me with any tutorial requests, or any other questions you may have; I'm happy to help! :)


Foundation routinee


Products used:
- body shop mattifying primer
- bobbi brown foundation stick compact in "sand 02"
- MAC select moisture cover concealer in "nw15"
- MAC mineralize skin finish natural in "light medium"
- jelly pong pong Hawaiian sun bronzer
- MAC minerlize skin finish in "porcelain pink"
- Givenchy prisme again in "sensual rose"

Brushes used:
- SS190
- SS224
- SS150
- mac 165
- SS168

Please feel free to email me with any tutorial requests, or any other questions you may have; I'm happy to help! :)


Monday, September 20

Has anyone heard of luuux?

Luuux is a new website that iv recently discovered, at first i was slightly sceptical as, in all honesty it does seem too good to be true, but then i thought what have a got to lose?!

basically the way the website works is very similar to what alot of you beauty bloggers are doing already! you earn luuux $ by writing articles on fashion, design, entertainment, health and beauty or technology, commenting on other peoples posts or having people comment on your posts.. it really is a very simple concept!

In return for each of the above actions you recieve luuux $s which basically act as currency on the site, in return for these $ you can buy luxury and cult, high end items!

Heres the website for anyone interested:

heres my profile aswell:
so add me as a friend :)

right now im working towards getting the sigma professional brush kit!

Sunday, September 19

sunday night in..

for the first time on this blog no makeupp :) just redyed and bleached my hairr, took forever!
tonight im just going to sit in and watch xfactor with my boyfriend, long distance relationships suck pretty bad right now but the next best thing atm is sitting in his oversized tshirts, watching shitty tv together over the phone. Fortunately i booked to see him last night but train tickets were so expensive i could only afford to book for 3 weeks time, but its better than nothing im just excited to see him at all :)

whats everyone else doing tonightt?


Saturday, September 18

its been gone for a while

but my cravings have come back for new piercings!
i already have my septum, my nose, my forward pinar, top of my ear and my lobes but i want more!

Beautiful pierced ladies:

i especially love the cheek piercings, it just sucks that my job would never allow them..

what piercings have you lot got? :) have you got any cravings for more?



just uploaded a video for the first time in agess! amazing haul though :) picture up sooon!