Sunday, September 19

sunday night in..

for the first time on this blog no makeupp :) just redyed and bleached my hairr, took forever!
tonight im just going to sit in and watch xfactor with my boyfriend, long distance relationships suck pretty bad right now but the next best thing atm is sitting in his oversized tshirts, watching shitty tv together over the phone. Fortunately i booked to see him last night but train tickets were so expensive i could only afford to book for 3 weeks time, but its better than nothing im just excited to see him at all :)

whats everyone else doing tonightt?



  1. Packing up everything I just sold on eBay. Fun. Times.
    I agree with the long distance thing - I feel for ya hun. When I still lived in Hong Kong, my boyfriend moved to London.

  2. Long distance can suck, but you just have to make it through (: