Saturday, September 18

its been gone for a while

but my cravings have come back for new piercings!
i already have my septum, my nose, my forward pinar, top of my ear and my lobes but i want more!

Beautiful pierced ladies:

i especially love the cheek piercings, it just sucks that my job would never allow them..

what piercings have you lot got? :) have you got any cravings for more?



  1. i used to have a bunch of piercings, but i took them all out a while ago!
    i LOVE cheek piercings though, so cute :)

  2. those girls are all gorge! I have my bridge pierced, both conchs, both lobes, my nipple and I've just took out my nose and microdermals on my wrists for work :(

  3. I saw the thumbnail and thought it was you! Not keen on cheek piercings or plugs that get too big, otherwise I think the majority look good.
    I really want my tragus doing.