Monday, September 20

Has anyone heard of luuux?

Luuux is a new website that iv recently discovered, at first i was slightly sceptical as, in all honesty it does seem too good to be true, but then i thought what have a got to lose?!

basically the way the website works is very similar to what alot of you beauty bloggers are doing already! you earn luuux $ by writing articles on fashion, design, entertainment, health and beauty or technology, commenting on other peoples posts or having people comment on your posts.. it really is a very simple concept!

In return for each of the above actions you recieve luuux $s which basically act as currency on the site, in return for these $ you can buy luxury and cult, high end items!

Heres the website for anyone interested:

heres my profile aswell:
so add me as a friend :)

right now im working towards getting the sigma professional brush kit!

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