Sunday, November 29

what happens when i get bored..

i got extreemeeellyy bored today, and decided to do some makeupppp :)

also iv been messing around with photoshop recently, im trying to get better at it in time for my next photography project, i want to do some sort of fashion, indie style portraits.. in these ive just used filters and darkening at the edges in order to create a vintage kind of feel :)

also, i now currently have red glitter alll over my house since that second photo.. oops!

heres a link to my deviant art if you want to see them bigger or more picturess..


  1. Love the pics! What nail polish are you wearing?

  2. Love both of these looks, espesh the glitter lips!

  3. uhh its dynasty by collection 2000 i love it, but it chips like madd!

  4. You look beautiful in the last pic :) x

  5. I love the 2nd pic...your hair looks amazing!
    Keep up the good work chick :) xx

  6. I LOVE THE DYNASTY POLISH.. its gota be one of the best colours out there!!

    i love the hazy effect on the pics aswell .. its like old school glamour LOVE IT !!!