Sunday, December 6

im seriously considering

jacking this all in, iv had so much neg feed back on youtube atm that i jus feel like why bother.. i only make videos to help people, its of no personal gain to me, yet everytime i log onto youtube recently i find messages off people criticising me and its not even constructive, its just hurtful. i just dont see why people feel the need to tell me stuff like this, and while i find it very difficult not replying and saying things back i know it wouldnt make me feel better and it would just take me down to their level. Ugh it makess ya feel kinda crappy.
so anyways i'm thinking of stopping youtube for a while, it takes guts to put videos up and this has completely knocked my confidence.
rant overrrr, il carry on with blogging as much as i can, this weeks pretty busy though - so many deadlines! cant wait to be off for christmass :)


  1. I know it's easier said that done but just try not to let them get to you, they're so not worth it. Best thing to do is not reply, like you are already doing :) I hadn't seen your youtube before as I usually just stick to blogs but i just looked and I love it! So gonna try your pin-up tutorial :D
    Chin up chuck. xXX

  2. That's why I've never done videos, the blogging atmosphere is so much more positive. I hear so many ppl talk about all the negativity that's out there, but just think that EVERY YouTube Guru had to and has to put up with the negative comments. I think you have great talent and should keep doing it.

  3. I've heard Youtube can get v negative, but surely the haters are outweighed by genuine appreciation?
    Most of them will have just randomly stumbled on your video anyway, and won't even know why your doing it.
    I sub to your channel and love it! I hope we'll see some more vids soon, but unti then just channel through your blog instead :)

    Hope you're ok!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that, I think your vids are fantastic, unfortunately there are just always people out there who want to be horrible for whatever reason. It takes guts to put yourself out there like that, personally I'm not sure I could do it myself. It'd be a shame for you to stop posting, but at the end of the day you should do what makes you happy :-)

  5. oh hon, there will be negativity and jealousy around you your entire life. chances are if they have something negative to say, they're jealous. you're a very beautiful person and while it may not be easy to NOT stoop down to their level, try not to anyway.
    i personally have never understood why anyone would feel the need to say negative comments at anyone on youtube or blogging in general. i honestly want to ask them "what does that do for you?"
    just remember that it's SO easy for them to say mean things or know it all, but they're not making youtube videos right? you are. you obviously have more guts than them if you're even put up videos in the first place!
    never let anyone/anything get in the way of something you love OR keep you down.
    always keep your head up and persevere. i mean obviously there are people who like what you have to say right? and that's all that matters because you'll never please everyone in life.

  6. Your youtube vids are fab! Don't let idiots put you down! For every one person that may have something negative to say about you and your videos, there are at least a hundred people with something positive to say! Don't get disheartened!xoxo

  7. Don't let the idiots get to you.
    You are incredibly talented and pretty!!
    Keep your head held high chick! xx

  8. I've only done a video or two, and the trolls found me, too! (ERGH!) I think it's cowardly to dog someone on the Internet when they would most likely never muster the nerve to say it in person. But, ultimately that's a problem of theirs, not a reflection of you!
    I can attest to being a YT viewer who gets (and tries to return) some positive feedback on YT. Your lace look was inspiring and I find your creativity really motivational. You are truly an artist and I hope you know that there are those of us who appreciate what you contribute. :) Hope your week improves, hon!

  9. I don't know why people do that. If they don't like makup, or simply don't like the way you do it, why don't they press the X button and exit the page, instead of leaving negative comments? it is not constructive at all, and it is a waste of time for you.
    Personally, I find your videos informative and helpful, but I wouldn't force you to keep the channel if that is tacking your personal confidence.
    I agree, the blogsphere is much more positive!!! At least keep the blog! I love your fotd's

  10. aw i hope you don't stop making videos cos I like watching them, you can guarantee there is a ton more people who enjoy watching your videos than idiots who post those nasty comments. There's always going to be people like that wherever you go, I've seen that a lot of the other make up gurus get bad comments too. It's a bad reflection on the commenter tho, if it's just hurtful and not constructive. I'm sure the bad karma will come back to them!
    Keep smiling!

  11. i just found your blog, and everything is stunning. dont stop what you do, i think you have a beautiful talent. ignore those people on youtube. i love your makeup looks, they are inspiring, i looked through your past posts and i admire how you do your looks.

  12. I really hope you don't stop making youtube videos! I just stumbled on your channel and I subbed because I loved what I saw! I know it can be hard to put up with people's crap on youtube, but remember that you have a whole lot of people who appreciate what you do. Haters are just that-Haters, and that's all they will ever be...which is sad because it is something that will lead them nowhere in life. It just goes to show that people are so unhappy, that they want to bring others down too. Don't let them!


  13. You're so pretty, and I love LOVE your hair! Super-gorgeous. I want your hairstyle, lol xx

  14. Hmm. Seems like that comment was in the wrong post. Sorry. I'm glad you're back though :)