Monday, November 9


just to kind of let you know whats going on atm :)

i have so much that i'm excited about!
im starting my new job tomorrow at a clothes shop, its taken a while to get everything sorted but i finally got my start date this weekend, and, although it means some very early starts (5.30am anyone?) the pay/perks are pretty good, so expect a few more haul posts in the future :) i know iv already started my wishlist. Also, i mentioned this in a post a while ago but, as im going to have money i think i'm probably going to start collecting and putting items into a competition prize, i have so many loyal followers and subscribers on here and on youtube you all deserve some sort of thanks! if you could comment below on what sort of things you'd like to see i'd reaally appreciate it.. i'l put up a more detailed post closer to the time i'm guessing :)

Im also starting a new fashion project in which im going to make dress and a pair of wings, im so looking forward to getting started iv been collecting tons of inspirational images; im mainly looking at the fall 08 runways as im really feeling the gothic vibe atm :) iv only done one sort of illustration so far, but it kind of gives an idea of what i want to create;

i got the MAC holiday eyes palette "smoke and mirrors" yesterday so expect a review, looks and swatches post within the next few days, can i just say though its extremeeelyy gorgeous, sometimes i find when i really look forward to buying things like this i can be dissapointed in the product when i finally get it.. this is not one of those timesss ;).

and lastlyyy, as treat tomorrow after work my mums taking me to a CCO (cosmetics company outlet) hello discounted MAC! :D

p.s. im on such a blogging buzz atm, so sorry for all the posts in the last few days!


  1. Good! I love your posts! Such a creative person, you are! Love teh dress project!
    Good luck on your new job, and as far as the giveaway is concerned: of course, makeup! But also accessories would be nice. You have so many great makeup and accessories brands there in the UK! I always sell my soul to the devil when I go there!!!

  2. You get to go to a CCO... i'm so jealous. I'm no where even close to one and I wanna check out all the discontinued MAC products! Have fun! I hope you finds lots of good items :)

  3. Maybe do a contest when you reach 100 followers? That way you've got a bit of time to get stuff together.

    I'm doing one at 200 and plan to give away all my favourite products.

  4. @phoebe- i was thinking maybe when i get to 300 on youtube to do like a tutorial style contest where people have to make videos, its just that i have a steady stream of subscribers on there, and then maybe do a give away style contest on here when i reach some sort of milestone of followers. That way people can really get creative and show off their skills and people who aren't so confident with makeup can still get a prize. :)

  5. congrats on the new job! 5:30 am! wow!
    and i'm soooo jealous about your CCO trip! lucky you!