Friday, July 16

Advice, anyone?

so basically i got contacted on youtube by this channel: for a possible collab..

im always ussually suspicious of anyone asking to do things like this because nine out of ten times when i get emails and such, its an obvious scam and doesnt look legit in the slightest, however with this being a more well known company id be willing to look into it etc. i know and support their products and know that they work well.

the only thing is im still a slight bit suspic, have any of you been contacted in a similar way? just wanted to kind of check things out before i respond.

if this is for real its something id totally love to do and i think is a great opportunity so if any of you could let me know what you think? i dont want to get myself in trouble by being naiive.


  1. Did they contact you via youtube or email? I'd say it would be more professional to contact you via email, I can't imagine a company like that trying to cut a deal over youtube. Although the channel itself looks pretty legit to be.Maybe try getting more info before jumping in and try to get some better contact maybe a number or something.

    Eeee how exciting though? The though of having your blog sponsored so very happy for you =]!! I hope it works out!!

    Love J.

  2. I haven't heard of anyone else being contacted, but as far as i'm aware that is the official rimmel channel.
    Try getting more info, what it would involve and waht you'd need to do. Then try searching google for other Rimmel sponsors.
    To me, it looks completley legit, but do a bit of research if you're weary.

  3. hmm.. im not sure on the whole thing, it looks pretty legit and there isnt any other rimmel channels on youtube, but they dont have that many subscribers etc.. and theres no link to a youtube channel on the rimmel london website, iv emailed rimmel asking them if they have a youtube channel, but ive also messaged back the youtuber asking for more details so wel see how things go.